Advent Blog – Day 13

Advent Blog – Day 13

In a few days time the new sofa bed will be delivered and it needs some space. Currently the bedroom is a long way from have enough space for a sofa bed and whatever Santa brings.


Out with the Old

I hate waste (one of the most memorable books I have ever read is Rubbish! Dirt on our hands and Crisis Ahead by Richard Girling) and it makes me feel good to think that toys that have been bought in the past have been well used and loved.

There is a point though where filling your home with too much stuff is wasteful in itself. You can’t see what you’ve got, you don’t use items that are hidden under piles of other things and really it would be better to let things go to a new home where they can be of value to someone else.


Making Room for the New

Christmas is an excellent time to get children to root through old toys and sort out which things that could go. It makes plenty of space for the new things that will arrive on December 25th and is an ideal time to fill up the charity shop shelves.


Stocking up the Charity Shop

This is one of those tasks that I can delegate to my daughters, my bit of it is just taking things along to the charity shop.