Advent Blog – Day 15

Advent Blog – Day 15

Doing 3 meals a day for 8 people needs a lot of crockery & cutlery and it all needs to be readily accessible in the kitchen.

When we got married we had the conventional gift of some china & cutlery (at the time I probably hoped I’d live in a bigger house but things don’t always work out as planned).

Making things Accessible

As these are not used on a daily basis they are not stored in the easiest fashion. The cutlery and my tablecloths all sit in my cover coffee table. This piece of furniture lives in the lounge upstairs, so is not very handy for the kitchen.
The china is in the kitchen but packed away in boxes at the back of a cupboard in a corner.


Temporary Space is Needed

To have these out and easy to access I clear some surface space in the kitchen. The kitchen doubles up as my office and I have a desk. The desk has a large shelf above it and this space gets cleared in order to make space for the china & cutlery.

Somehow things seem to clutter on this shelf so it was about time I sorted it. I moved anything that doesn’t need to be there, e.g. Incense sticks to make my office smell nice when I’m working, workout DVDs, box of sweets, my camera, a tape measure…

Now it is relatively clear, ready to serve us over Christmas.


Even tricky storage is useful for infrequently used items

Not all storage is the same, some is more accessible than others, but it’s all useful because not everything you own gets used with the same frequency. Your belongings can do time share.