Advent Blog – Day 17

Advent Blog – Day 17

Lots of guests means lots of showers and soggy towels. I need to find somewhere for people to hang their damp towels.


Soggy Towels

One of the trickiest parts of having guests to stay is that there are lots of showers taken and lots of soggy towels.


Plenty of Storage for Dry Towels

Despite having small bathrooms I have plenty of space to store my towels; they are normally kept on shelves in the bathrooms where they are ready for use. I also keep extras in the vanity unit in the bathroom. Adequate ventilation means there is no issue with damp.

The issue comes with having somewhere to dry the soggy towels.


We Need a Little Extra

We have a nifty heated towel rail in my bathroom that folds down, this gives plenty of drying space.
The shower rooms are lacking towel storage though. To that end I have ordered so more wall hooks. There isn’t time to go drilling holes in the walls and I might not want these up permanently, so I am trying out some hooks that use a suction system.


I’ll Report on Success at a Later Date

Once I have tested these hooks I’ll report back In a later blog as to whether they have worked ok.