Advent Blog – Day 7

Advent Blog – Day 7

Our house has 3 bedrooms and an office/ spare room. In order to sleep 8 people over Christmas we need to create some extra beds and do some shuffling around.

Playing Musical Beds

The office contains a double sofa bed so that’s one room sorted. The other spare bedroom is obtained by putting my daughters in the same room and giving up one their bedrooms to our guests.

Not all Sofa beds are the samesofa beds

We have a day bed from Ikea that cleverly converts from a single to double bed and in the past we used this. However, the design is not as practical as a sofa bed as you end up with one person trapped with 3 bed walls on 3 sides and a person on the other. I had visions of a grandparent doing themselves an injury as they try to scramble over the other person.

A visit to

Since the last time we hosted Christmas the daybed has been moved into the other daughters bedroom where it makes a really cosy seat beneath her bunkbed. The two girls will be fine in that room and I am now buying a new sofa bed for the other room.

A short amount of time spent online at Ikea and we now have on order a new sofa bed along with a new armchair.

Todays advice

When choosing a sofa bed or daybed think about how it opens and who will be using it as a bed. Some are easier than others.