It should be possible to fit everything in, shouldn’t it?

But your home has nowhere near enough storage, and it only looked spacious when it was empty. Interested in changing things, you visit showrooms. But that’s not the answer. The staff seem really nice and helpful, but are they really listening? Or are they simply frustrated because you’ve asked them to rework another design.

I am Philippa Richard, and I can help you to make the most of the space in your home.

Nearly every house I’ve lived in was imperfect. Even larger homes had issues with how the space was organised. Doors opening the wrong way. Some rooms bigger than necessary whilst others were just too small. Radiators blocking furniture, wasted space in corridors.

Early on, the exuberance and confidence of youth allowed me to find answers just by reading books & magazines. I worked through the issues as if I were solving a jigsaw puzzle. Later on, I felt perhaps a professional interior designer or architect would do a better job.

After wasting many months and spending several hundreds of pounds I realised that the professionals didn’t do a better job.  They seemed more interested in making everything look slick & stylish without actually tackling the fundamental use of the space.

It’s time to move beyond conflicting advice and solve your puzzle. 

Showrooms are fine if you have plenty of space, but they don’t share the best advice for small spaces. You need to focus on finding beauty while saving a few vital cms on each item. Rather than wasting days searching online and visiting showrooms, let’s work together to create your solution.

I know the best products, choices and suppliers to make your space work for you. So if you’d like help with plans and where to buy things – contact me. Together we’ll discover exactly what you need to create the home you’ll love.

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