Advent Blog – Day 14

Dec 22, 2015 | Advent, Blog, Kitchen


Preparing for a Seige

I remember it was very different when I was young – my Mum and my Auntie used to take it in turns to host Christmas so we were two families plus Grandparents – 11 of us in total for many years.

My Mum used to order a huge sack of potatoes (literally a sack, probably 2 foot tall). We had bags of other veg, a big piece of ham for boxing day and gallons of milk in a fridge in the garage.


All about Pork Pies

Even though, there were some items that were only bought at the last minute – my poor brother used to get sent down into the town centre on Christmas Eve morning. His task was to be outside Marks & Spencer for when it opened at 8:00am so he could buy a pork pie for boxing day. What a palaver! I’m not really sure anyone ever loved the pork pie to that extent.


My solution is to keep it simple & delegate

The meals I chose are more about being easy and easy than being the fanciest food. It isn’t always easy finding dishes that meet everyone’s taste but overall I manage.

I used to try and prepare a lot of things in advance but I had trouble with the freezer being too full and it didn’t seem to save me much time. When people are here they are happy to help.

I also try to include some meals that other people can so we share the workload. My mother in-law will be doing Cottage Pie and my Father will cook his bolognese sauce.

All I need to do now is place the order for my parents to buy the meat at the farm shop, then plan how to delegate the tasks when everyone is here.


Loire Kitchen

Loire Kitchen

The client had already visited lots of showrooms and had some ideas of what she wanted, but wasn't sure which plans made the best use of the space. I spent some time talking through the ideas and helping the client get clear about how the family would actually use the...

Advent Blog – Day 23

Advent Blog – Day 23

One of my last jobs is preparing the Christmas Pudding. You might be wondering if this has any relation to a small-ish house.

Advent Blog – Day 21

Advent Blog – Day 21

Everyone is arriving soon and the beds are up but we still have some final furniture adjustments.


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