Advent Blog – Day 18

Dec 24, 2015 | Advent, Blog, Kitchen

The food now needs to be ordered. As it’s the Friday before the last Saturday it seems like a good day to the do some last minute shopping, before the crowds.


As usual, start by Clearing Space

I buy my fresh food locally and then occasionally do a supermarket online order. The supermarket delivery tends to fill up my cupboards and fridge in one go so this is a good opportunity to clear out and make space.

I went through my larder thoroughly and my cookbooks making sure I have the ingredients for my planned recipes, particularly things I don’t cook often like Christmas pudding and Christmas cake.


Last Minute Shopping – resisting Temptation

Once the online order is done I head out to the shops to do a bit of last minute present shopping. It was really quiet and very pleasant – and I’m not sure how many 9-5 ers who filled the shops on Saturday realised that shops were open late on Friday.

Of course, one of the risks of shopping is that you get tempted by the displays. My weakness is books, I love reading and recipe books are a real temptation, all those pictures of lovely food. Really I own so many recipes I don’t know when I’d ever cook them all.

A Lack of Space Helps in Resisting Unnecessary Indulgence

I was tempted by another cookbook but one advantage of limited space is that you get really focussed when you’re buying something. Not only are you parting with money but, more importantly, it needs to earn a place in your home. I already have a shelf full of cookbooks so if I buy even one more I’m going to have to create some kind of rota as they won’t all fit in the kitchen.

So this time I resisted. Maybe I need to review my existing books first and see if any can be let go – you now, the ones where you actually only follow one recipe.


Sometimes Belongings are Just Clutter

If you’re limited for space then go through your belongings periodically and make sure that everything still deserves its place in your home. If it is no longer useful or bringing pleasure, then it’s just clutter.


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