Advent Blog – Day 19

Dec 24, 2015 | Advent, Bedrooms, Blog

My next bit of major delegation – assembling the new furniture, but first it has to be carried to the right part of the house. Easier said than done.


Getting the New Furniture to the Right Place

My husband and daughters set out today to assemble the new sofa bed and armchair (whilst I carried on writing my blog).

One of the trickiest parts of the process is getting the furniture up into the right room. The sofa bed needed to get to the top of the house, which is up two flights of stairs.

Getting tall things past the bends in the stairs is never easy and is one of those compromises that we just have to accept. In most cases we have a door to a room near the stair turning point. When we altered our bedroom though, we moved the door. Consequently this corner is tighter than the others.


Lessons Learned from a Sofa

The first sofas I bought were for a modern house, they were lovely and when I put down my deposit in the shop I didn’t give a minutes thought as to whether they would get in the house.

When they arrived they fit through the doors but only just. When trying to get them into a new home a few years later (a dinky little mews house that was pretty old) the sofas just DIDN’T fit. We had to saw off the back legs and then screw them back on once in the house.

I’m now careful when buying furniture to make sure it can be manoeuvred through our house.


Why do they Do That?

I don’t really understand why more furniture makers design furniture that is too big to fit comfortable through standard doors & stairs. Surely products can be at last partially assembled on site.

Always Consider Access Routes as well as Final Locations

Just take my advice and consider the size of your access path as well as the furniture’s ultimate home. Sometimes flatpack is the best option.


Advent Blog – Day 24

Advent Blog – Day 24

Today is the day before Christmas so time to relax and enjoy the results of my efforts.

Advent Blog – Day 23

Advent Blog – Day 23

One of my last jobs is preparing the Christmas Pudding. You might be wondering if this has any relation to a small-ish house.


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