Advent Blog – Day 21

Dec 24, 2015 | Advent, Blog, Kitchen

We Need Space for 8 People To Dine

Everyone is arriving soon and the beds are up but we still have some final furniture adjustments.

Our dining table is not big enough for 8 people normally. We had been married a few years before we bought our first dining table. Prior to that we had used an old gate leg table that I remember eating at (or refusing to eat) from when I was very young.

Finding the Perfect Table

Dining tables can be a big investment and I wanted something that I knew I would be happy to live with for many years.

It needed to be extendable, I wanted pedestal legs so no-one has to sit with the table leg in their way, it also needed to be practical enough for everyday use without me being forever worried about damage.

I eventually found a table by luck that was nearly perfect. A bit of discussion with the maker to amend the design and it ticked all the boxes.

Extend the Table and We are Sorted

To get the table ready for 8 we just extend it and add one of the 2 extra leaves. The dining area is not massive and we have a settle pushed against a wall that helps make the seating fit in easily.

When you’re buying a dining table consider the practical as well as good looks.


Loire Kitchen

Loire Kitchen

The client had already visited lots of showrooms and had some ideas of what she wanted, but wasn't sure which plans made the best use of the space. I spent some time talking through the ideas and helping the client get clear about how the family would actually use the...

Advent Blog – Day 23

Advent Blog – Day 23

One of my last jobs is preparing the Christmas Pudding. You might be wondering if this has any relation to a small-ish house.

Advent Blog – Day 18

Advent Blog – Day 18

The food now needs to be ordered. As it’s the Friday before the last Saturday it seems like a good day to the do some last minute shopping, before the crowds.


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