Advent Blog – Day 22

Dec 24, 2015 | Advent, Bedrooms, Blog

Today all the guests arrive so it’s now time to make up the beds.

I at last have the rooms ready and the sofa beds out. There is now the task of making the beds.


Getting Out the Spare Bedding

This means finding spare bedding including duvets & pillows. Most of the spare sheets & duvet covers live up in the top of a wardrobe in my daughter’s room. It is too high for her to reach comfortable (in fact, I have to stand on a stool too) so she doesn’t miss the space.

The duvets & pillows are in their compression bags and I just need to hunt them out. One of the niftiest storing spaces is tucked behind the day bed in my daughter’s room, in a little alcove created by a chimney breast.


A Few Other Details

I prepare the beds and then check over the last little details like making sure there is some bedside storage and a bedside lamp. We have quite a few clip-on lights and these are perfect for moving around and making a quick light for someone.


A Guests Space Needs to be Practical More than Stylish

Having guest space is not just a question of the spare bed, you also need the spare bedding. If you can also make sure guests have a light and somewhere to pop their glasses or a book then you are long way to making a place that’s comfortable for guests, even if it’s not exactly hotel standard.

Advent Blog – Day 24

Advent Blog – Day 24

Today is the day before Christmas so time to relax and enjoy the results of my efforts.

Advent Blog – Day 23

Advent Blog – Day 23

One of my last jobs is preparing the Christmas Pudding. You might be wondering if this has any relation to a small-ish house.

Advent Blog – Day 21

Advent Blog – Day 21

Everyone is arriving soon and the beds are up but we still have some final furniture adjustments.


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