Advent Blog – Day 5

Dec 9, 2015 | Advent, Blog, Storage

What theme?

I’m a member of a couple of facebook groups about interior design so I’ve already have a week of seeing gorgeous Christmas trees.

When I was about 11 years old I visited one of the department stores with my Mum and for the first time I saw a colour themed Christmas tree, it was blue and gold. Ever since then we have always had themes, either based around colours or a shape, for example, last year was all birds & butterflies.

It is an indulgence and it’s part of the Christmas fun choosing the theme, but the downside is that we have more baubles in total.

What would we do without a loft?

All the Christmas paraphernalia is stored in the roof space, I really can’t call it a loft as it’s only high enough to crawl through. I’ve often though it would actually be better to have a vaulted ceiling, properly insulated with some high up cupboards or even a kind of storage mezzanine accessible with a ladder. Given the work involved though I think that idea needs to go on my “Things I want if I ever build my own home” list.

Part of my day was spent, therefore, perched on ladder handing boxes of baubles from the loft space down to my daughters.


My daughters then spent quite some time going through the boxes of baubles to choose which ones they would use (normally I put up the tree with my daughters but this year they asked if they could do it all on their own). The room was chaotic and I really should have taken a photo.

The girls were originally feeling a bit rebellious and wanted the theme to be “no theme”. When I joined them to find out what they had selected, I discovered they had gone with a theme anyway.

Organising for next year

Furthermore, the youngest spent some time reorganising and labelling the boxes so it would be easy to find what we want in future. I also think now is a good time to make note of any things to buy, for example, new lights, more baubles of a particular style or colour.

My final bit of advice

Some tree decorations require more storage space than others and I would be more discerning if I didn’t have the loft space. Flat items take up far less room.


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