Advent Blog – Day 9

Dec 14, 2015 | Advent, Bedrooms, Blog, Storage

One of the jobs that needs doing sooner rather than later is checking over things I might need to buy or borrow.


Can everyone eat, wash and sleep in comfort?

The main areas I need to consider are for sleeping, the bathroom, meals and relaxing. Most of these areas are fairly sorted but I seem to remember that bedding is an issue – particularly pillows.


The best way to store spare duvets & pillows

Spare bedding is such bulky stuff – I have my spare sets stored in various places, in high up cupboards, under a sofa bed, under my bed, etc.

I used to use the vacuum storage bags but then I found that they broke. It also seemed fiddly to get out the vacuum cleaner each time.

My trick to storing the duvets & pillows in a clean & neat manner now is to use equipment normally bought for trekking. I use some colourful pack liner dry bags.

These are waterproof compression bags, you fill them, roll over the top then squish them (this is the fun part and can involve me lying on the floor on top of one these bags whilst the air gets squeezed out).



The best storage of all

Despite having plenty of these bags I find I’m still a bit short on pillows and don’t really want to buy, and store, more.

The solution, ask my parents to bring some with them as they are coming by car.

Clever storage tricks aside, sometimes the best storage is in someone else’s house (i.e. borrow it).


Advent Blog – Day 20

Advent Blog – Day 20

One of the first things guests do when they arrive is take off coats & shoes. As usual, the hall storage is fine for 4 people but tight for 8.

Advent Blog – Day 19

Advent Blog – Day 19

My next bit of major delegation – assembling the new furniture, but first it has to be carried to the right part of the house. Easier said than done.


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